Doula Fidelity Offers Birth Doula Services in Portland, OR

Birth Doula Services


As a Birth Doula I want to empower and support you and your loved ones until you meet the newest edition to your growing family! I offer up to three prenatal meetings which include discussing your birth plan, the many options for birthing your baby, and pros/cons of labor interventions. We will debrief/practice various comfort measures and practice labor and delivery positions. I provide information centered around your rights as a laboring woman (and family) as well as printed resources to help guide you during the end of your pregnancy. I offer holistic and nutritional counseling along with herbal infusions to support your body and womb.  During our last prenatal I offer a loving touch massage and a guided meditation to prepare your mind, body, and soul for the day you hold your newborn in your arms. Before labor begins you can text or call me anytime day or night and I will return all messages about any questions, concerns, or times we have planned to meet. I am on call from week 37 until the birth of your baby. I will have a backup Birth Doula available to you if there is a rare chance I miss your labor.


Once your labor begins I can be there for you in Early Labor (or anytime you are ready for my support) and stay with you 2-3 hours after the completion of your birth. I offer emotional, physical, spiritual, and informational support during your entire pregnancy and labor. Once you are in labor, we will work together using techniques, labor positions, and materials discussed and utilized during our prenatals. During our time together immediate postpartum, I will support you with initial breastfeeding and making sure you are receiving the care that is best suitable for your needs. 


I will meet you once postpartum to debrief about your birth. During this time I will offer breastfeeding support, holistic healing support (including but not limited to herbal infusions to support the womb postpartum), as well as a helping hand with anything you (and your partner) might need. I will engage you and your partner in understanding and responding to new infant cues in order for your to respond accordingly to your baby's most primal needs.

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