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    Heidi is incredibly passionate and devoted to her calling as a birth worker. She is constantly striving to learn new techniques and educate herself on how she can better serve her families. She reached out to me as a fellow Birth Doula, and we quickly became friends. I instantly realized that Heidi puts a huge importance on advancing her knowledge and that she is always striving to learn more. She sat in on my 12 session Bradley Method class and Breastfeeding class to add more "tools" to her Doula toolbox. Heidi has a calm, soothing, loving demeanor, which goes a long way to comfort mothers as they journey through childbirth. Heidi also encouraged me to look into a vaginal steaming, which I absolutely LOVE! She very patiently took my health history and customized an herbal blend for my exact needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Heidi as a Birth Doula, Vaginal Steam Therapist, and Postpartum Support Specialist!

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    Amazing experience. Heidi is one of a kind. She is super passionate and committed to her calling as a doula.
    At first, I didn't know too much about having a doula attend the birth. There was a lot of research until we finally decided that it was a great idea. Nevertheless, the process of interviewing a doula was daunting. We needed someone that we can fully trust to understand and help us carry our wishes through. Heidi was that person.
    As a person, Heidi is caring and truly passionate. She is someone to really get into the details, but she does so in a very natural way. She won my trust from the start. She has a very calm demeanor and a very confident personality. She talks with conviction and she transfers that conviction to the people around her.
    As a doula, Heidi is simply amazing. She knows a lot of techniques and seems to have a storage full of information and past experiences that she uses to help. I trusted that she would know what to do in any situation, and that's exactly what happened. She knew what to do when I had no idea and she was quick to act. Her actions were always soothing and calming.
    Heidi is not a clock watcher. She takes time to explain everything during each prenatal visit. She answered all questions with great detail. She would always say, "let's practice together right now" instead "oh that's going to take too long to do, practice on your own and we'll go over it next time." She spent time with us, she really got to know us, she devoted time and energy, and that went a long way.
    I highly recommend Heidi for the reasons I've stated above and for many more that might just be too many to list. Get Heidi as your doula if you really want to feel like your wishes will be honored and your needs met.

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